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Lexi Belle Bio and Information

Lexi Belle was born August 5, 1987. She grew up in Louisiana as the youngest child in a family of six. She was a rebellious girl who lived wild. She stole cars, shaved off her hair, smoked and frequently ditched school. Lexi even lost her virginity in her own mother's bed!

Soon after graduating high school, she was approached about working in the adult industry. A regular customer at her video store job was married to a porn star and he encouraged Lexi to give it a try. After a few months of coaxing, she decided to go for it. She gave her first ever blowjob on set.

An exhibitionist by nature, Lexi soon discovered how much she loved being able to act on her sexual fantasies. She was introduced to bondage and roleplay that she never would have thought to try otherwise. She has since had sex in exciting places like movie theaters, a petting zoo and is of course a member of the Mile High Club.

The 5'3" hazel-eyed blonde has won multiple awards since entering into the pornography industry, including the 2010 AVN Award for Best New Web Starlet.

Lexi now lives in Los Angeles and when she isn't modeling, she likes visiting the dog park, hiking, drinking withy friends, scrapbooking and reading raunchy romance novels. She is a huge cat lover and says her dream would be to have a cat sanctuary and work in interior design. Although Lexi isn't sure about marriage, she does admit to wanting to have a large family with lots of kids someday.

There is a lot to love about beautiful bad girl, Lexi Belle.

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